Mangum Rattle Snake Derby

Magnetic Liner & Lashes

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About the Owner!

Southern Okie's is Owned and Operated by One Girl with a Small Dream!

My name is Kandi, I was born and raised in Duncan, OK!

Southern Okie's started in 2017 shortly after i finished Cosmetology school. I opened my Salon and Boutique in my hometown of Duncan. Same year I also decided to get married just four short months after i opened the front door to my storefront. I look back at that and call myself crazy, WHAT WAS I THINKING?? God will alway's have a bigger plan for you! My western boutique came togetther piece by piece. Rodeo Life is my families background I grew up around rodeo and married a cowboy we have also passed that on to our children. Attending the Rodeo's has contestant's and with our Boutique has been our new way of life! With all of our customer's help and support!

XO Kandi